Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Variant YEAH!

So I already found the variant to the last post's Iron Man. I will be keeping this one in the package but I was surprised and excited to have found this alrady without much searching.
I also ordered February's Classics figure Stratos and he came in the mail this week so I was happy with that althought he is a plain figure he is still cool. The next two: Faker and Merman will be great to add to my collection though.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Great new Marvel figures. . . . and marbles?

So since the Marvel Legends line (which I still think is great) has not been as successful as of late Marvel figures are now going to be made in SW/GI Joe 3 3/4 inch style with great articulation and this is my first of this line IRON MAN. This is a great looking well articulated figure and I would probably get a ton of these figures if it weren't for the exhorbitant 8$ price tag. I guess I will just have to pick and choose eh.
Then the Toyfare magazine that I get has had ads for several issues about Marbs which are themed marbles. Their first big license is SW and so when I saw these on the shelf at TRU I figured I might as well go ahead an get one and the only character that sparked an interest was Yoda so here is the first and most likely last Marble that will ever be in my collection.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Evil Lord of Destruction

So my mother-in-law got me the next MOTU classics figure for my birthday and so here he is the Evil Lord of Destruction SKELETOR! This is one of th ebest looking action figures I have ever had the pleasure of owning. This is one wicked awesome toy. I can't wait for more of these MOTUC figures.
Well not long after getting the Stormtrooper I got this here Target exclusive Snowtrooper. Now it is just a matter of time before the Scouttrooper will be mine as well. If I am getting all of their versions then I probably need to get a clone trooper as well. . . . .I guess we'll see.
Here we have another new Galactic Heroes cinema scene which is called Assault on the Death Star. We have an X-wing (which is the main reason I got the set-see next picture) and then three new figures in Jek Porkins, Jan Dodonna, and R5-D8.
I love X-wings and so when there is a new one I usually just have to get it (although I did miss a more recent GH X-wing from Dagobah) so here is my shelf of X-wings yes it is amazing thank you.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Incoming. . . . . . .BLAM!

This weekend is the international Toyfair in NYC and it is one of the best times of the year as companies are showing off their upcoming stuff to retailers and we get to see pictures of upcoming stuff. So this is a small sampling of the pictures of the upcoming minimates (pictures from which is obviously the part that excites me the most. Here we have some of the Terminator minimates including this the most unique of all minimates ever the exploded Robert Patrick.
Then the new license I am most excited about is Ghostbusters, here we have the Stay Puffed Marshmallow man.
Here we have Slimer.
Then we have Peter and Egon.
Ray and Winston
and another incredible and unique minimate in the Gozer dog.
They also pulled out some new stuff that I didn't even have a clue was coming out like here we have the Wolverine Through the Ages set (like the IM one from SDCC last year)
Then there is a heroes set.
A villains set
Then we have the actual upcoming waves starting with 25 which includes this IM, Skaar, and and AIM agent
and another version of IM a WWII Cap and a red skull
Then we have wave 26 which is based on the upcoming Wolverine movie so a few of them include the movie version of Deadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds, you can't get better than that) and of course a bunch of different Logan/Wolverine versions.
We also have Blob and Sabretooth
Then another new surprise that I had no clue about is wave 27 which is an ultimates wave, the Caps and Thor look great and
We get an Ultimate Iron man which is always great to get new IMs.
Then even though it has been pushed back twice and now is wave 28 the wave I am most excited for (and won a set of minimates a while ago for playing the guessing game about the composition of this wave) we have this AMAZING looking Deadpool,
and of course GAMBIT!!!!!!!!!! I will be so impatient until I get these last two minimates they are two of my four favorites of all time (the other two being Cap and IM) so finally getting these will be the highlight of my toy year.
The rest of this wave includes Psylocke which I am also pumped up about, first appearance Sabretooth, Wolverine, a Skrull and another Sabretooth (not pictured).

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hodge Podge

Ok this is about a weeks worth of toys since I havn't had a lot of time to get the pictures up. I got this Indiana Jones Mighty Mugg on clearance at
Then since there will be a Snowtrooper and a Scoutrooper coming out I had to get a Stormtrooper so that I could have each kind.
Then this is by far the best Galactic Heroes set they have done. I found out about it in a magazine last week and just found it yesterday at TRU. You have the snowsppeder which is down right fantastic, then you have a great probot, Luke, and Dak.
Then I found some minimates on clearance at so I picked up the Rocky 2 set with Final Bouts Apollo and Rocky, then Tiget Jacket Rocky and Paulie. I can justify getting these minimates now since I know they won't be coming out with anymore so there is only a limited amount that I can get.
I also picked up the Good the Bad and the Ugly set which has the Man with no name aka Blondie and then showdown Blondie, Tuca and Angel Eyes. I love the accessories that come with these sets and the Angel Eyes hat is pulled down over his eyes and looks really cool.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Another Iron Man, War Zone, and Secret Invasion

All righty so if you didn't know yesterday was my Birthday so money that has been given me more often than not leads to additions to my collection so here we have the Marvel Unleashed Iron Man (the picture was taken in front of the Galactic Heroes for size comparison). I have had my eye on this figure for some time and so I snagged him up now so that he didn't disappear. This is a great looking Iron Man figure the only problem is that he doesn't stand very well on the stand that came with him.
Then I got two new minimate sets in the mail today so getting minimates for my birthday is always a plus. This is the Minimate Punisher War Zone set based on the new movie (which I haven't seen yet) You have a Mob Thug, Jigsaw, Frank Castle, and Assault Armor Punisher which is by far the most heavily armed minimate of all time. From the front you can see his gun hip hoslters on both sides. Then he has a billy club on one leg and another gun on the other leg and. . . . . .
If you turn him around you will see his assault rifles and the knife on his back. This minimate will kick the butt of any other who dares to mess with him.
Then the Secret Invasion set which I saw at Comic-Con last July so it is nice to finally get this set which comes with Jewel, Wolverine, Beast, and Phoenix and. . . . . .
If you turn their heads around they will be revealed to be Skrulls. The set also comes with four extra heads so that you can make other minimates in to Skrulls as well. This is a great set and iI really like this version of Wolverine.