Friday, February 6, 2009

Another Iron Man, War Zone, and Secret Invasion

All righty so if you didn't know yesterday was my Birthday so money that has been given me more often than not leads to additions to my collection so here we have the Marvel Unleashed Iron Man (the picture was taken in front of the Galactic Heroes for size comparison). I have had my eye on this figure for some time and so I snagged him up now so that he didn't disappear. This is a great looking Iron Man figure the only problem is that he doesn't stand very well on the stand that came with him.
Then I got two new minimate sets in the mail today so getting minimates for my birthday is always a plus. This is the Minimate Punisher War Zone set based on the new movie (which I haven't seen yet) You have a Mob Thug, Jigsaw, Frank Castle, and Assault Armor Punisher which is by far the most heavily armed minimate of all time. From the front you can see his gun hip hoslters on both sides. Then he has a billy club on one leg and another gun on the other leg and. . . . . .
If you turn him around you will see his assault rifles and the knife on his back. This minimate will kick the butt of any other who dares to mess with him.
Then the Secret Invasion set which I saw at Comic-Con last July so it is nice to finally get this set which comes with Jewel, Wolverine, Beast, and Phoenix and. . . . . .
If you turn their heads around they will be revealed to be Skrulls. The set also comes with four extra heads so that you can make other minimates in to Skrulls as well. This is a great set and iI really like this version of Wolverine.

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