Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mos Eisley Invasion

Well it has been a while since there were any new Star Wars figures out and even longer since the new stuff was from the Original Trilogy so when I found these at Target I was incredibly excited. These are all character never made before from Mos Eisley. First here we have Trinto Duaba and Dice Ibegon.
Next we have "brainiac" or Pons LImbic if you want to use his real name.

Then we have one of the craziest looking of them all, Wioslea who is the one Luke sells his landspeeder to before he leaves Tatooine.
Next we have a new cool mold for a Jawa and also a WED Tradwell droid.
Then if you didn't know, this year is the 25 anniversary of TMNT so they are releasing these vintage replica toys and I can't go without getting my favorite of them all DONATELLO! I am sure I will get a couple of others from these anniversary figures but I was excited to pick this one up.
Last but not least we have another new addition to my hall of armor. This here is the Inferno Armor Iron Man. He like most of all the others I have is just a repaint of a previous figure but he is still great looking.

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