Saturday, January 17, 2009

So I found out about this lego set and wanted to get it really bad but I couldn't find it anywhere so I had free shipping at so I decided to order from there hoping that I would get it in the mail before I found it at the store which would have made me mad, but TRU shipped it on Monday and it got here on Tuesday and thankfully it didn't show up to the actual store until Thursday so I had mine already put together and this is a great lego set from TCW and my first Mace minifig lego.
Here we have Darth Revan in Mighty Muggs form. I wouldn't have normally purchased this one but I got a Walmart gift card from work because I have been on time for my shifts for a very very very long time in a row so I picked this guy up, he looks pretty cool and for free I won't complain!

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