Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Minimates, Trek and Wars

So I found this great Galactic Heroes set (my collecting of these is winding down a little as I will only be getting certain 2 packs here and there now) that I could not pass up we have Slave Leia with a pike and drink servin' R2 from ROTJ. Can't pass up a Slave Leia!
I got a butt load of minimates today so lets start with the set that came out in November but I waited to have it shipped till my other sets came into stock to save on shipping. This is ST wave 5 that has Gul Dukat the Cardassian and then Captain Sisko (he's the bald one with the goatee) and then the variant for the wave that is Commander Sisko.
Here we have Ilia and Commander Decker from ST the Motion Picture.

Then we have "The Trouble with Tribbles" Kirk (who doesnt come with any tribbles!!!?) and Yeoman Rand who is a great looking minimates. There aren't any upcoming waves of ST announced so hopefully they continue the series there are so many more characters that are needed especially from TNG (They have cancelled upcoming BSG minimates though which pisses me off something royal so here's hoping they don't axe ST too).
Since I got more of wave 24 I can now display this alternate version of Venom which is Eddie Brock with his crazy face and he even has a camera!
Then here is the rest of wave 24 that I didn't pick up at TRU a few weeks ago you have Back in Black Spider-Man, Kraven and the Variant Tarantula (which I think is a lame variant especially since his mask doesn't go on his head very well at all, Kraven is much better looking and a cooler character).
Now we have the incredible wave 23 and we will start off with the plainest of them all Cloak and Dagger.

Next we have Gamora (who should actually be holding the sword) and then Nova is is my top ten of best looking minimates yet!
Then last but most certainly not least is Spymaster and then Mark I and II of War Machine. The right side is the Mark I and under the helmet is Tony Stark. The variant is hte Mark II and it is Jim Rhodes. After getting so many IM minimates it is great to be able to add WM to the mix and he looks amazing too. Man I love love love love minimates and so today was a great great great great day!

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