Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Avengers Assemble!

Oh man it has been awesome getting so many minimates lately! Today I got my Avengers set (although I ordered too late to get the variant set so I still need the bearded Thor) but here we have Loki and Thor (isn't that Thor figure just frakin awesome)
Here we have Wonderman and She Hulk with a bent pipe. . . . .ok.
Then we have Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. And to top off the great minimates influx my 5 pack of Marvel Zombies minimates will be getting to me within the next week!

Monday, August 27, 2007

tic TAC toe

Well the newest wave of Thirtieth Anniversary Collection (TAC) Star Wars figures hit the pegs and I am getting 6 of the 7 figs in the wave so lucky me I only found three so far so I didn't have buy a huge chunk all at once (although I wish I had found the McQuarrie Vader or the HOliday Boba Fett oh well patience Patrick). So here we have M'iiyoom Onith which I found at the Orem Walmart this morning.
Here we have Umpass-stay which I found at the Lindon Walmart this evening along with the next figure.
And lastly we have Elis Helrot. I am so glad that they are doing so many figures that have never been done before because I really am sick of all of the repackaged rereleased figures. Anyways good times noodle salad.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Et Voila!

As promised more minimates for me. Finally my Star Trek wave 1 showed up. Here we have Vina and Kirk.
Next up we have Spock (with a very cool live long and prosper extra hand) and Pike which I think should have been the variant for this wave but still a very cool choice for a Trek mate.
And last we have Scotty and McCoy the variant in this wave being a dress uniform McCoy which unless I find a screaming deal on I probably will not get but all in all a very satisfactory set of mates (although I did have to fix there side packs so that they wouldn't come apart so easily but accessories are another issue all together). Next up should be my Avengers minimates (which incidentally I though would come in the same package with these but alas to my dismay I still have to a wait a bit for those.)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Day before school starts I need some toys!

Well school starts again tomorrow so today was officially the last day of my "summer" vacation so naturally I wanted to go troll for toys and voila here we have the last of my four movie TMNT figures I now have a Mikey.
The surprise find of the evening was wave three of the SW comic two packs. Here we have the Heir to the Empire Luke and Mara Jade (which of course I will be leaving in the package as one of these figures is my daughter's namesake.
Next we have Infinities Leia and Darth Vader this pack as well as the next one I have now opened so that they could join the ranks of jedi on my Jedi shelf.
Last we have the Hunt For Aurra Sing Dark Woman and A'Sharad Hett which we have just learned in the Legacy series has become Darth Krayt. So I was very pleased with my toy haul today and it has brightened my spirits considering what begins tomorrow. I beleive my next post will most likely be Star Trek Minimates wave 1 which should be gettting sent to me tomorrow!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Frakin Cylons!

More minimate goodness came in the mail today as my BSG wave 2 set finally showed up. There have been so so many delays with minimates lately that this was just pure joy when I got these babies. This here is the variant in this wave we have Baltar and Gina.
Here we have Baltar and Caprica Six.
Here we have Saul Tigh (with his flask) and Admiral Adama.
and then we have Boomer and a cannon centurion cylon.

I can rarely leave Walmart without more toys.

Well I already have Leonardo and obviously Donatello (my favorite TMNT) from the movie line of toys and this second wave has Raphael with this little monster from the movie that is really cool so I had to get this Raph so now all I need is a Mikey.
More Wally World clearance I got these SW Attactix figures. I hate how these are blind packaged so you don't konw what you're getting I was hoping to either get a Vader or an Ackbar but a Royal Guard will do and it also came with an Endor Luke.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Power of Grayskull

Well this month's Toyfare magazine had a list of the 100 best toys of the last decade and I had 16 of the top 100 and one toy caught my eye and that was Ice-armor He-man. I have bid on ebay for this one before because I thought he looked cool and I have Ice-armor Skeletor (which was only released in Europe) and soI renewed my efforts to get this figure and I won it on ebay and here it is so I am up to 17 of the top 100 toys and this is one wicked cool He-man.
Well another clearance purcahse is this Marvel Legends Moon Knight figure very cool!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Real American Heroes

Well the real american heroes of GI Joes continue to infiltrate my toy collection as I now have a commando Flint figure. He has some great rapelling gear.
Well then the truest of American Heroes Captain America caught my eye at Target with these cute little wooden little people type figures so I had to get this set (Even thought I didn't really care for the Wolverine figure I had to have the Cap'.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Nothing is certain but death and toys!

Well continuing the GI Joe madness of the last little while I found the new commando wave Red Banshee. This cobra robot transforms also into a motorcycle pretty nifterrific. Now I have to be looking for two additional figures on top of Lockdown that I am still trying to find cause this wave has flint and another cobra commander that I want.
Well after buying the Sentinel of the Super Hero Squad I couldn't resist getting the other of these large figures and here is Galactus with a Human Torch figure.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

playskool goodness

So I playskooled it today and got this cool much larger than the normal figures superhero squad sentinel. It came with a wolverine but I didn't much care for it so I gave it to Xander because he loved it.
Then later at Walmart they were putting out toys and I saw a galactic heroes box and I asked and they let me open it up and voila I got all of the four packages from the new wave this here is a Duros and Garindan.
Here we have Logray and Han Solo.
Here an AT AT driver and commander.
Here a death star trooper and commander.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

And the wave o' toys continues

Well i come back from vacation and finally find a toy I want at my Toys R Us so I havemy Sigma 6 Zartan now and so now the one I am really antsy for is Lockdown.
Well now the box you saw is a chic a la huit assembled lego set of the Jedi Starfighter with the hyperspace ring and this set came with a Kit Fisto fig sweeeet!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Knowing is Half the Battle YO JOE

Well I also ventured out one day and happened upon a toys r us and stocked up on some new GI Joe 8" figures. The first here is from the adventure team and it is Recondo with his captured croc. You can also see in the background something else I got at SDCC which is a lego set but I will post a pic of that when I get it put together.
Next we have three combat squad joes and the first is the marine Leatherneck.
Next we have the ranger Desert Wolf.
and last we have the Black Ops Shockwave. SDCC did bring some bad news that the Sigma 6 line of figures will not be continuing so there will only be a few more figures in my collection to get and then the line will be no more :(. Other sad news included the cancelling of the Targer Exclusive minimates and possibly the Ghost Rider wave of minimates as well. I hate bad toy news.

More Wazoo toys!

Ok so the first night in Anaheim we had to go to the Target there and I found this Titanium BSG Pegasus and since I knew I would be getting whats in the next picture I had to pick this up.
So this was another SDCC exclusive at teh booth and it is an exclusive BSG Titanium set with a Raptor the Galactica and a Viper mach II.
Well here now I have the first fulfillment of a picture of an upcoming toy that I posted here at my blog this was the minimate exclusive this year at SDCC and we have zombie Daredevil and Giant Man. The DC booth handed out a bunch of free DC minimates so I got a bunch of extra DC mates there which is always awesome especially when its free!!!

Toys out the wazoo!

Ok well this vacation brought so much toy goodness it was hard to decide where to start so I am starting with the package that arrived last thursday before I left. This is the Ralph McQuarrie concept C3PO and R2D2.
Next we have a purchase from Comic Con I got this at the booth and it is the SDCC exclusive Ralph McQuarrie concept Yoda and Obi-Wan.
Then this is what greeted me when I cam home was a package from (which I went and visited their store in Anaheim). This is my MOTU Staction wave 5 that I ordered back in february and which after quite a few delays finally shipped and here we have Evil Lynn and Screech.
Here we have an evil snakeman Sssqueeze.
And last but not least we have Rio Blast. Well I can only do five pictures per post so there will be some more here really quick.