Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Knowing is Half the Battle YO JOE

Well I also ventured out one day and happened upon a toys r us and stocked up on some new GI Joe 8" figures. The first here is from the adventure team and it is Recondo with his captured croc. You can also see in the background something else I got at SDCC which is a lego set but I will post a pic of that when I get it put together.
Next we have three combat squad joes and the first is the marine Leatherneck.
Next we have the ranger Desert Wolf.
and last we have the Black Ops Shockwave. SDCC did bring some bad news that the Sigma 6 line of figures will not be continuing so there will only be a few more figures in my collection to get and then the line will be no more :(. Other sad news included the cancelling of the Targer Exclusive minimates and possibly the Ghost Rider wave of minimates as well. I hate bad toy news.

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