Friday, August 24, 2007

Et Voila!

As promised more minimates for me. Finally my Star Trek wave 1 showed up. Here we have Vina and Kirk.
Next up we have Spock (with a very cool live long and prosper extra hand) and Pike which I think should have been the variant for this wave but still a very cool choice for a Trek mate.
And last we have Scotty and McCoy the variant in this wave being a dress uniform McCoy which unless I find a screaming deal on I probably will not get but all in all a very satisfactory set of mates (although I did have to fix there side packs so that they wouldn't come apart so easily but accessories are another issue all together). Next up should be my Avengers minimates (which incidentally I though would come in the same package with these but alas to my dismay I still have to a wait a bit for those.)

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