Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Day before school starts I need some toys!

Well school starts again tomorrow so today was officially the last day of my "summer" vacation so naturally I wanted to go troll for toys and voila here we have the last of my four movie TMNT figures I now have a Mikey.
The surprise find of the evening was wave three of the SW comic two packs. Here we have the Heir to the Empire Luke and Mara Jade (which of course I will be leaving in the package as one of these figures is my daughter's namesake.
Next we have Infinities Leia and Darth Vader this pack as well as the next one I have now opened so that they could join the ranks of jedi on my Jedi shelf.
Last we have the Hunt For Aurra Sing Dark Woman and A'Sharad Hett which we have just learned in the Legacy series has become Darth Krayt. So I was very pleased with my toy haul today and it has brightened my spirits considering what begins tomorrow. I beleive my next post will most likely be Star Trek Minimates wave 1 which should be gettting sent to me tomorrow!

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