Monday, August 27, 2007

tic TAC toe

Well the newest wave of Thirtieth Anniversary Collection (TAC) Star Wars figures hit the pegs and I am getting 6 of the 7 figs in the wave so lucky me I only found three so far so I didn't have buy a huge chunk all at once (although I wish I had found the McQuarrie Vader or the HOliday Boba Fett oh well patience Patrick). So here we have M'iiyoom Onith which I found at the Orem Walmart this morning.
Here we have Umpass-stay which I found at the Lindon Walmart this evening along with the next figure.
And lastly we have Elis Helrot. I am so glad that they are doing so many figures that have never been done before because I really am sick of all of the repackaged rereleased figures. Anyways good times noodle salad.

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