Friday, February 13, 2009

Hodge Podge

Ok this is about a weeks worth of toys since I havn't had a lot of time to get the pictures up. I got this Indiana Jones Mighty Mugg on clearance at
Then since there will be a Snowtrooper and a Scoutrooper coming out I had to get a Stormtrooper so that I could have each kind.
Then this is by far the best Galactic Heroes set they have done. I found out about it in a magazine last week and just found it yesterday at TRU. You have the snowsppeder which is down right fantastic, then you have a great probot, Luke, and Dak.
Then I found some minimates on clearance at so I picked up the Rocky 2 set with Final Bouts Apollo and Rocky, then Tiget Jacket Rocky and Paulie. I can justify getting these minimates now since I know they won't be coming out with anymore so there is only a limited amount that I can get.
I also picked up the Good the Bad and the Ugly set which has the Man with no name aka Blondie and then showdown Blondie, Tuca and Angel Eyes. I love the accessories that come with these sets and the Angel Eyes hat is pulled down over his eyes and looks really cool.

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