Saturday, February 14, 2009

Incoming. . . . . . .BLAM!

This weekend is the international Toyfair in NYC and it is one of the best times of the year as companies are showing off their upcoming stuff to retailers and we get to see pictures of upcoming stuff. So this is a small sampling of the pictures of the upcoming minimates (pictures from which is obviously the part that excites me the most. Here we have some of the Terminator minimates including this the most unique of all minimates ever the exploded Robert Patrick.
Then the new license I am most excited about is Ghostbusters, here we have the Stay Puffed Marshmallow man.
Here we have Slimer.
Then we have Peter and Egon.
Ray and Winston
and another incredible and unique minimate in the Gozer dog.
They also pulled out some new stuff that I didn't even have a clue was coming out like here we have the Wolverine Through the Ages set (like the IM one from SDCC last year)
Then there is a heroes set.
A villains set
Then we have the actual upcoming waves starting with 25 which includes this IM, Skaar, and and AIM agent
and another version of IM a WWII Cap and a red skull
Then we have wave 26 which is based on the upcoming Wolverine movie so a few of them include the movie version of Deadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds, you can't get better than that) and of course a bunch of different Logan/Wolverine versions.
We also have Blob and Sabretooth
Then another new surprise that I had no clue about is wave 27 which is an ultimates wave, the Caps and Thor look great and
We get an Ultimate Iron man which is always great to get new IMs.
Then even though it has been pushed back twice and now is wave 28 the wave I am most excited for (and won a set of minimates a while ago for playing the guessing game about the composition of this wave) we have this AMAZING looking Deadpool,
and of course GAMBIT!!!!!!!!!! I will be so impatient until I get these last two minimates they are two of my four favorites of all time (the other two being Cap and IM) so finally getting these will be the highlight of my toy year.
The rest of this wave includes Psylocke which I am also pumped up about, first appearance Sabretooth, Wolverine, a Skrull and another Sabretooth (not pictured).

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