Monday, February 16, 2009

Evil Lord of Destruction

So my mother-in-law got me the next MOTU classics figure for my birthday and so here he is the Evil Lord of Destruction SKELETOR! This is one of th ebest looking action figures I have ever had the pleasure of owning. This is one wicked awesome toy. I can't wait for more of these MOTUC figures.
Well not long after getting the Stormtrooper I got this here Target exclusive Snowtrooper. Now it is just a matter of time before the Scouttrooper will be mine as well. If I am getting all of their versions then I probably need to get a clone trooper as well. . . . .I guess we'll see.
Here we have another new Galactic Heroes cinema scene which is called Assault on the Death Star. We have an X-wing (which is the main reason I got the set-see next picture) and then three new figures in Jek Porkins, Jan Dodonna, and R5-D8.
I love X-wings and so when there is a new one I usually just have to get it (although I did miss a more recent GH X-wing from Dagobah) so here is my shelf of X-wings yes it is amazing thank you.

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