Sunday, October 7, 2007

poursuivant previous props post!

Ok if you haven't read the previous post you should start there before readin this post. Here we have Lockdown, Inferno, and Spirit.
The bottom here we have Iron Grenadier, BAT, Lt Stone, and Hi-Tech.
This is a picture of all of the remaining Joes that didn't go in the curio. Before now everything that was in the curio and all of these were on three shelves just like what you see here so they were very squished but so the top shelf here we have Battlefield Cobra Commander, Shouri Storm Shadow, Toxic Zartan, Sky BAT, Dark Ninja Master, Windfire Cobra Commander, Red Banshee, Firefly (Joe version), Snake Eyes with Timber, and Flame Kamakura. The bottom shelf has Desert Long Range, Heavy Duty, Shockwave, Sigma Strike Duke, Desert Wolf, Recondo (combat squad), Leatherneck, Backblast, Barrel Roll, Recondo (adventure team with Croc), Grand Slam, and Tunnel Rat. The only Joe fig I have that is not pictured is Jungle Commando Snake Eyes who is riding my Ninja hovercycle displayed elsewhere. So there you have my 45 8" GI Joes the most kick butt toy this size EVER!

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