Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Nothing like toys to make a sick boy better!

Well something has been going around my family starting with Mara, then Xander, and now me which coupled with a sleepless night of Xander being up caused me to call in sick to work. But between classes this morning I still had to go to TRU and Walmart and here I have the McQ Snowtrooper (so that completes wave 6 but I still have 4 I still needs from wave 5).
Then I found this titanium BSG Colonial Viper mark VII which is pretty cool since I thought I had all of the BSG titaniums.
Then finally I have the one figure from Marvel Legends wave 3 that I wanted (since the FF and the SP3 waves came out first) so this is classic Cap and he is awesome and makes me wish they would make a minimates of this versin of Cap.

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