Thursday, September 27, 2007

Its raining GI Joes (and other toys)

Well I went to Toys R Us today with Kenny and it is a good thing he was with me because as I am looking at the GI Joes and complaining about how they don't ever get any new ones he spies further down the aisle not even with the Joe stuff the new TRU exclusive three pack Land Sea and Air set. This set comes with first here we have Deep Six who is the best looking of all the scuba guys I have and my favorite from this set.
Then we have Backblast which is just like a redo of Grand Slam with blonde hair and desert gear Long Range's weapons but still cool.
Lastly we have Barrel Roll which is like a redo of sky attack Duke but with a cool new head. This is a great jey pack figure!
And to top off my TRU visit I found the last BSG titanium ship I need which is a modern Cylon Raider and even cooler it is the Scar Raider! If you don't know what that means then shame on you because you should be watching this show!

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dave said...

Have you seen the transformer star wars toys? I saw them at Walmart last week and thought of you.