Friday, September 21, 2007

FREE TOYS (and another that wasn't free)

So I get home from work today and there is a manilla envelope for me from Diamond Select Toys (the distributor for minimates) and inside what do I find but FREE minimates! I got a modern Cylon (I beleive this was a promo mate sent out before the actual realease of these mates, and the other is the HUNT MATE! This year at SDCC there was a contest where contestants entered and they were given this minimate that they had to scavanger hunt throughout the convention and take pictures of this little guy doing a bunch of stuff. Then at the end you turned in your pictures and your hunt mate and the winnder of that contest gets all of the minimates for the next year for free!!!! Ayways most people were mad because they had to turn in their hunt mates but now I got one and other people have been getting them (I have read on my minimate forum) as well. It also came with a letter thanking me for being a DST customer and gave me a coupon code good till the end of the year to use on their website for 10% off. COOL STUFF!
Well I was Orem Walmart today and lo and behold I found a Toxic Zartan which I was going to buy oh so long ago when I thought it was coming out but I never found one and so I broke down and bought the 15$ other Zartan figure. This here figure though is released with the one other elusive figure I have been searching for and that is Lockdown but they did not have that one today just this one and I just broke down and bought it because I think it is a cool one and it has water squirting capabilities. These are the best GI Joe figures ever I love em!

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