Saturday, September 22, 2007

Real American Heroes

Well my frustration continues that I still haven't found Lockdown despite new waves coming out of GI Joes. But don't get me wrong I was excited to find the new wave of Combat Squad Joes. This first figure is somewhat of a mystery to me because I got a Recondo figure two months ago with a crocodile (you remember the picture from constantly checking my toy blog right?.........) as part of the Adventure team well this figure is names Recondo but he has a completely different face and head so it must be a different chracter so I bought it. On closer inspection though the head is actually Tunnel Rat's head with different color hair! Anyways the figure is still cool because of the cool camo gear.
This was the one from this wave that I was excited about. It is Lt Torpedo who is as close as they have come so far to SEAL one of my favorite vintage joes. This is just a repainted Sea Ops Duke but he is still way awesome. The third figure in this wave was Sgt Boulder but he looked to much like Heavy Duty so I didn't buy him (but knowing me I probably will eventually). Anyways YO JOE!

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