Wednesday, January 23, 2008

100 posts old!

Well I saved these from being posted for a few days so that this minimate set could be in the 100th post of my blog. Here we have a new Iron Man minimates this is the zombie version that you have recall was put in a pic on this here blog when they first announced it, well here he is with the Zombie attacked Black Panther (sad that this is the only version of BP that we have but a new minimates is always welcome).
Then the next super awesome set that came in the mail with the last set is US Agent and Taskmaster. As you can see Taskmaster has a butload of accessories and it reminds me of all of my 8" GI Joes that come with more accessories than they can carry. In any case these are some great new minimates and there will be a bunch more new ones in the upcoming weeks with waves 19 and 20 coming out soon!

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