Thursday, December 6, 2007

More Joes anyone?

Well this will be the last of the dark pictures as we just got a new camera but I went to walmart today and found some new 25th Anniversary Joes that were on my list and one that wasn't but was cool enough that I bought it. Here we have a different version of Cobra Commander which is one of those characters that I have to get every version of.
The collection would not be complete without a Destro*
*The collection won't ever be complete as I am not getting every single figure but when I say complete I mean to the specifics of my wishlist.
This is the better known version of Storm Shadow although the one I had as a kid was the one from wave 1 (that you can conveniently reference a picture of here on my blog)
Then although I didn't have this version of Gung Ho when I was a kid the version I did have was one of my favs and so I had to add a Gung Ho. (Another cool version is the one in his Marine outfit that I actually got a vintage one of for my brother who is a Marine).
Then this figure was too cool to pass up. It is Cobra Air Trooper it looks cool and also I will be getting Sgt Flash from an upcoming wave and as a kid I always played with Sgt Flash with a rocket pack so this will compliment that figure.

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