Saturday, January 21, 2012


So January's figure was supposed to be the Sorceress but delays with Mattel made them bump this set up so be the only thing we got in January. I guess if I didn't get the one girl figure I wanted then replacing one with three made it ok. Here we have the Star Sisters from She-Ra. We have Jewelstar with her bird Glorybird, then we have Starla and Tallstar. Mara adores these figures and was so impatient for me to open them up so she could play with them. Next month will be awesome because we will get the Sorceress, Shadow Weaver and Fisto! So stay tuned!
Well these next two are actually December 2011's subscription figures but they were delayed and only arrived this week. Here we have Demo-Man who you can read the bio about below but he was merged with Keldor to form Skeletor and this figure is based on original concept art for Skeletor.

Here we have Battleground Evil-Lyn who has an alternate head you can see here without the fan-hat. This figure is based more on the 200x character and thus I like her better than the other one (but I still love the other one too). Read the bio below.


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