Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vintage and not so vintage

So there is an antiques consignment store off the freeway between work and home so I stopped there this week and picked up some random vintage items from one of the booths at the store. This here is a She-Ra Frosta figure that I don't think the person knew was She-Ra because it was only 3 bucks.
The same booth had this great condition Man-E-Faces
And an incredible condition Leech (suction feature works great!)
This is a version of Soundwave called Sonicron. I bought it on clearance at the robot form looks like a really cool updated Soundwave (although the joints are real loose and it is hard to stand him up)
He transforms into something more modern than a boombox though as you can see here he is a minirecorder. His snap features don't work so well so overall he is really cool looking but the transform feature is very subpar.
Avengers movie toys came out this week and I couldn't resist this mini mugg of the Iron Man Mark VII.
Here is another vintage figure I got at the antiques place. It is a plastic Gremlin that I had as a kid!
Then you have a not so vintage Gremlin figure I got at FYE for a discount because the store in Orem is closing. This is the Flasher Gremlin! Can't wait for wave two because it has Electric Gremlin and Rambo Gizmo!!!!

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