Wednesday, February 9, 2011

TRU wave 9 please

So my TRU didn't get wave 9 in so I ended up buying them on eBay which sucks but my happiness on receiving them today made up for it. Here we have one of my favorite characters from when I was a kid and would play as super heroes with friends, Shatterstar. I love his two bladed swords. He came with Cannonball who has a great exploding base.
Then you have Magik with a cool bampf base and then Warlock in all his wierdness.
Then you have a dark Magneto and Brown Wolverine. These ones are great too. Man I needed these new minimates as it has been an incredibly long two weeks since I started a new job new toys eases the craziness a bit. Oh yeah and this makes 950 minimates!

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