Sunday, February 13, 2011

Birthday continued

Ok so since my birthday is at the beginning of February and my wife's is two weeks later we usually celebrate both our brithdays together somewhere in the middle. So My sister in law gave me this SW Vinylmation Darth Vader, very cool!
Then I couldn't pass up this new lego set as first of all it is cool but second it has a Luminara Unduli minifig so hooray. Today pics from Toy Fair 2011 have started to surface so great new MOTU stuff coming including Man-E-Faces, the Faceless One, and Clawful. New Legos including sets with Quinlan Vos and Eeth Koth among others. Not much minimate news so far but I am sure we will see some good stuff. They did announce they will be doing Marvel Vs Capcom minimates which means we can get a Megaman and a Zero!!!!! Oh good times I love new toys news.

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