Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thrust of Iron

Normally if something new Iron Man comes out I am all over it! I love these Super Hero Squad guys and they made two four packs of guys right when the toys first came out earlier this year. I got those. Then they were dumb and they made two more four packs but all of the figures in it were just repaints of firgures we already had so I couldn't bring myself to buy them even thought the were "new" they were just repaints. Then they released two more four packs and here is one of them which is based on the movie so it has Mark I, Mark III, War Machine, and Iron Monger. The other set has the figures I wanted more in a classic Iron Man and Stealth Iron Man but then it comes with two villains that I don't want so I just couldn't bring myself to buy it. So bring Billy to the rescue he actually found this movie set for me and put it aside and he bought the other set for himself and doesn't care about the classic Iron Man and so he said he would give it to me so WAHOO! So I will post a pic of that when I get it.

Then here we have a Robot Heroes set that I absolutely had to buy. It has Blaster and Thrust. I had to buy Blaster since I love Soundwave and Blaster is the Autobot version of Soundwave. I wish I had more Blaster stuff but this is a great first addition of Blaster to my collection and as for Thrust. . . . .
When I was a kid my parents one Christmas got me and my brothers each a Seeker (that is a Transformer Jet) for Christmas. Ben got Dirge, Morri got Skywarp, and I got Thrust. Since I don't have the originals anymore I bought the classic re-issues of Dirge and Skywarp but they didn't do one of Thrust so anytime I find something of Thrust I have to buy him because he was mine as a kid so here you see a Myclone Thrust, the World's Smallest Thrust (Which is super super awesome) and then the new Robot Heroes Thrust. So the packaging of those two characters together worked out great for me.

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