Friday, October 10, 2008


This here figure of Iron Man with removable armor was actually purchased about 4 months ago one day on my lunch at work and I have kept him in my drawer at work so I could play around with him during the many moments of boredom at work. Well my drawer is full of many other toys so I finally decided today to bring him home and let him join all my other Iron Mans on the shelf since he is not a duplicate toy (which is what everything else in my drawer at work is) So here is Iron Man with some removable parts. The chest plate can come off also but I for some reason cannot get it to pop off and so I just left it for this picture for fear of breaking something.
Then here is a Comic 2 pack of Dengar and Fenn Shysha. I had to get this set because despite the fact that I am unfamiliar with this particular comic story (I am sure I will remedy that at some point in the near future) this set has a Mandalorian (Fenn) in it so I had to snag it. Its sister set has Leia and another Mandalorian so I will be getting that set soon too.

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