Monday, September 29, 2008

Mint in Bag.

It is still amazing to me that we went to SDCC this year and I in all my minimate obsessiveness did not know about this here exclusive until I had come home. This is the exclusive red dress Six minimate (which is essence is just the body of the series one red dress Six with the head of the Pegasus six from the Razor box set). Anyhow I found a member on my forum BannersID and I traded him some Cylons and pieces of the ML BAF Galactus that I had and voila here she is (after three weeks of mail trouble to get her here) I couldn't bring myself to open here to she will remain MIB. No that is not Men In Black or Mint in Box it is Mint in Bag.
Here is the back of the bag with the SDCC symbol.