Sunday, September 14, 2008

Toys collection evolving.

So there are several new three figure sets in the evolution series and this is one I had to get since it has some original trilogy figures and an expanded universe character. This set is the Rebel Pilot Legacy (II) set and it comes with Cesi Eirriss the female Twi'lek pilot from Rogue Squadron. Kesin Ommis who was a snowspeeder pilot in ESB and then Keyan Farlander who was a pilot in the Battle of Endor in ROTJ. There is another set (I) for this collection that I will get eventually I just liked this set better so I got it first.
Here we have the battle droid that didn't come in my jedi starfighter set I got a few weeks ago. I sent Hasbro an e-mail because it was not in the package and was displayed as coming with the set and so they sent it to me and voila here is.
Then here we have one last McD toy (since now they are doin Batman lego toys) here is Padme and her Royal Starship. So there were five McD toys that I didn't get so if I get obsessive about it I may just have to eBay them (atleast they won't be too expensive to get that way).

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