Thursday, September 25, 2008

Addition to Hall of Armors 1

A few posts ago I stated that the current wave of IM figures had a Stealth Iron man in it, well here is the figure that I thought was Stealth IM but actually he is called Torpedo Armor IM. This is a cool figure but he came out of the package with his legs a little warped so standing him up is a little difficult. Another issue I have with it is that the missile launcher on the right shoulder doesn't actually work, you can't get the missile to snap into it at all it only goes into the hole about a centimeter I think either mine got a bum launcher or they made this piece poorly anyway atleast the figure itself looks cool and now my Stealth IM minimate won't be the only IM figure I have with the blues!
After I picked up that IM figure I thought that I hadn't been to Kmart in a while and so I stopped to see if there was anything good and if we are talking about new stuff than no there was nothing of interest. However as I was looking at the SW stuff I see this AOTC (Attack of the Clones) 12" Jango Fett large size action figure (yes that is man terms for doll). This figure is from 2002 so even seeing it on the shelf is a surprise but this figure is awesome because he has removable armor and he was only 10$. I don't know what normal sale price was on this guy but it couldn't have been any less than 24.99 so more than 50% off meant that this was a great deal and cool thing to add to my SW collection even though I don't really have a lot of prequel trilogy stuff.

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