Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'm gonna snipe you!

So originally Tokyo Mater was only released as a SDCC exlusive but they made a version with oil stains for mass retail so I had to pick him up to go with all my other Cars from that toon.
So when Halo minimates were announced I decided that I would buy a single 2 pack and call it good cause I don't want a whole other line to collect and become a completist with. I am still not going to collect to the whole line but when these showed up at TRU this week I saw this short packed pack with a UNSC Marine and the Camo Spartan and I really wanted to the Camo Spartan so I snagged it. Oh and I took the picture of them in front of the new Tron Legacy Soundtrack which I also got this week and it is incredible!!!
Then this is the pack I had previously decided I was going to buy as it has Master Chief and the Arbiter who is quite the unique and cool minimate. He has a new head design and flipped back legs and the cool weapon he comes with (sorry all you Halo fans I don't know the specific names) is awesome looking.
Then I saw the M12 Warthog LRV mini vehicle and it looked so amazing I had to snag it as well and it comes with a Spartan. This mini vehicle is by far the coolest looking one they have made so far.
Here's a bunch og guys ready to cruise the town.

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