Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Happiness Meals

So after weeks and weeks of waiting for this to come (some of that waiting being my fault since I didn't sign the check I sent for it and had to resend it) I finally got my exclusive send away Indiana Jones Crystal Skeleton figure with his throne. The figure itself is a bit of a disappointment and its articulation is difficult to move and fairly limited. But hey it is a cool mail away and looks cool sitting on his throne.
Then of course there has to be more happy meal toys and I got the big one I really wanted which is Luke and his X-wing and in the process I also got Leia on the Blockade Runner, Assaj Ventress on a Droid starfighter and Boba Fett on Slave 1. So there are only five more I don't have so don't be surprised if they show up here on the blog in the next little while.

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