Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We are the Cobras HISS!

Well so the vehicle from the first wave that I thought would be the first one I would buy is now here and is the last of wave 1 that I have purcahsed. Now I finally have my HISS Tank with its HISS commander. I loved this tank as a kid the back turret can come out of the main body and I would fly it around like its own gun pod thing. This tank brings back so many memories.
Then here we have a comic 2 pack set that I had to get so that I could add Tol Skorr to my Jedi (or charactes with lightsabers) shelf. It also came with Asajj Ventress which is my third figure of her and they are all open. Anyhoo I like this Tol figure he looks great and will add another dark Jedi to the ranks since I don't have many of them.

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