Saturday, August 16, 2008

To Obi or not to Obi (or maybe to Mickey-D's)

First of all Breanne and I went to the midnight showing of The Clone Wars and I am severely disappointed in all the Star Wars fans out there who did not come to this premier, the theater wasn't even half full! This movie was awesome. The soundtrack was great, I thought they did a great job with the story (although I was skeptical going in), the humor was great, I really liked the animation, Anakin's padawan Ahsoka was great, the action was awesome, so all in all a GREAT addition to the Star Wars family of movies and I am very very excited for the TV show this fall. So I have wanted this figure of Obi Wan in his clone trooper armor since the Cartoon Network series but I missed the figure then so I got this one now. He comes with interchangeable heads, thus the Shakespear pose with his own head. This is an awesome looking figure.
Then here I got this figure to fulfill a completionist sense in myself. The Cartoon Network series had the episode on Mon Calamari where Kit fisto leads a bunch of scuba clone troopers underwater. Since I have Kit Fisto and recently got the Mon Cal and Quarren figures I had to get this Scuba trooper to complete that episodes collection of figures.
Next here we have a picture of some Burger King kids meal toys from about four years ago. This is to give you an idea of how much BK we ate to get all of these. These are the best kids meal toys that I have ever seen. There is a large collection of them (they actually had two seperate runs) that have multiple different types of toys from plush, to motorized, to zip pull toys, to light up toys, to water squirters, etc. Now I took a picture of these to give an idea of how much McDonalds we will probably be eating in the near fugure because. . . . .
they are doing there own round of toys and here are the first two to kick off the collection. I am not concerned about getting ALL of these because frankly they aren't as cool as the BK ones and they are bobble heads which I don't care for much but I will try to get the ones I think are cool like Yoda and DV. This C3PO is just a wheeled push toy. The AT AT however winds up and walks which is cool. I love food and Star Wars and put them together WATCH OUT!

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