Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why September 30th will be the best day of the year!

Well September 30th will see the release of Iron Man on DVD which despite how great some other movies have been is still my favorite movie of the year. I love this character and this movie was amazing and I can't wait until IM 2 gets here! These are some pictures from the 2 disc DVD.

Then I just found out last night after relentlessly checking his website for four months that Ben Fold's new album Way to Normal comes out that day too. If you know me then you know that Ben is my favorite musician of all time and when I went to the concert back in April and he played some new songs from this album I was stoked and now I know when it will be here and it happens to be the same day as IM. His website lets you listen to a couple of the songs from the album namely Hiroshima (which he played at the concert) and You Don't Know Me (with Regina Spektor) which is a frakkin awesome and catchy song. There is also going to be a live CD available with this one that has a track from SLC so I have to have that as well. Oh I can't wait for September 30th!!!!!!!!

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