Saturday, July 5, 2008

Definitely Dinosaurs (but not those dinosaurs)

So this is the picture of a Dino Riders set that I had when I was a kid, I loved this toy and wish like many other toys that it hadn't left my possession during the great garage sale of '93 (there was a garage sale but I don't remember what year it was in)
Yesterday Kenny calls me and tells me that his brother picked up a box full of dinosaurs at a garage sale and that this here Pteranadon was in the box and he snagged it for me so even though it doesn't have the armor and the figure it is still the dinosaur and so what once left me through a garage sale has come back to me through one. YEAH!
So I went to the SPanish Fork K-Mart because I was told by a fellow collector and friend that they had the GI Joe that you will also see in this here post. So I got there and noticed that they had this here Grimlock from the new Transformers Animated series and this is a great figure but I couldn't bring myself to spend 20$ on it. But as I am admiring this great toy I notice that the price tag says 2.99$ on it and so I look at all the others on the shelf and they also have the same price tag so I take it with me to the check out stand and the cashier without even a second thought says if that is what it is tagged as then that is the price and so I got this 20$ sweet toy for 3$! Now that is the deal of the year so far! Here he is in Dinosaur mode.
Then you have him in his glorious robot mode and how very cool is this figure I am looking forward obviously to the Soundwave from this series but also the other dinobots because this one is chic a la huit!
This is what I went down to K-mart for in the first place though. This here is the comic 2 pack I have been looking for forever! It is Copperhead (one of my all time favorites) and Shipwreck which is fine except I already have a single pack of this guy so he is kind of a waste here but oh well getting Copperhead makes it worth it!

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