Thursday, July 3, 2008

Persistence is Key.

So since I found 2 of the 5 Joes I wanted yesterday at a Walmart I decided today to be persistent and check another Walmart and look how my persistence paid off I found the other 3 (the best 3) of this wave 9. First here we have Barbecue which is another of those figures that I didn't have as a kid but I would probably say that of all the figures I didn't have this was the one that I wanted most.
Then here we have one of my favorites from when I was a kid it is the Cobra B.A.T. which stands for Battle Android Trooper (I think). I love his interchangeable arm, very cool.

Then last but not least we have Polar Assualt Snow Serpent. This is a great figure that is perfect to pit against Snow Job. This was a great wave but there is still more to come as they just announced that the next wave will have Mutt and Junkyard! I am also still eagerly waiting to find the comic 2 pack with Copperhead in it.

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