Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I have been very excited for this next wave of GI Joe 25th anniversary figures and of the 5 coming out the two I was least excited for, of course, are the ones I find first. That is not to say that I am unhappy because these are still two great figures but the other three are the ones I am really looking forward to. This here is General Hawk which I had the coolest talking figure of when I was a kid.
Then here we have missile specialist Bazooka. Very cool figure that I always wanted but never had as a kid.
Then I had to get my last Indy figure so I could send away for the exclusive Crystal Skeleton (I already put my check and redemption stuff in the mail, now I just have to wait 10-12 weeks . . . . .bummer) I didn't know which figure to get so Xander helped me pick out this Cemetary Warrior figure. I wish I could be sure that the exclusive figure would still be available when the next wave of figures comes out because that wave has Short Round and the guy that tears out hearts from TOD. I'm sure I will still get those figures but I wish I could've gotten those and used those mail in certificates rather than buying this guy and the Cairo Swordsman. . .oh well my impatience coupled with a desire to make sure I get the Skeleton figure made me do it this way. And if you didn't understand the title to the post then you should remember that RAH stand for Real American Hero which is what GI Joe is and KOTCS is Kingdom of the Crystal Skull which is the movie this figure is from.

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