Monday, July 28, 2008

The Clone Wars.

So the Clone Wars and many other new SW toys debuted last Friday night at midnight in anticipation for the Clone Wars movie and since I was gone I didn't get to the store until today (which was torture for me) but I picked up the figures I wanted. Here we have the actual Clone Wars Yoda (so notice that his package is different than all the rest of the figures here because he is from the movie and the rest of these are from the new Legacy Collection).
Here we have from the Clone Wars cartoon a Mon Calamari Warrior and what an incredibly awesome figure this is WOW!
Then we have from that same episode a Quarren Soldier who is also very cool.
Then last but not least from the same Clone Wars cartoon we have Saesee Tiin in his space Clone Armor. He got opened to go on my Jedi shelf and grace them all with his awesomeness.
Here we have from the Legacy Collection Bane Malar from ROTJ when Leia as Bouush brings in Chewie to Jabba this guy tries to stop them at the door and he gets thrown to the ground.
Here we have Ak-Rev who is a SE addition to the Max Rebo Band in Jabba's palace.
Here we have Yarna D'al'Gargan who is obviously the most attractive of all of Jabba's dancers and was affectionately called sixboob by me and my friends when we were kids.
Here is a hint for some soon to be posted pics. I got several new SW lego sets at SDCC and will post pictures when I have them put together. OH BOY OH BOY these are awesome!

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