Monday, July 23, 2007

So many good toys make a monday much more bearable!

Well here is example number 1 of my weakness for items on clearance. I thought this Beta Ray Bill figure looked cool when it came out a good while ago but I didn't and still don't know jack squat about this character so I passed it up until now it was on clearance at TRU and so I snagged one.
Well Alternators are just the kick butt coolest of all the transformers and this one is a Civic which is the type of car I drive and it is the character Rumble who is one of the cassette tapes from Soundwave hence a must have!
This came in the mail today it is the exclusive coin set that I mailed away for with the proofs of purchase from my Vintage collection figures I got a few months ago so there is a coin here for each of those figures and then a cool exclusive 30th anniversary coin.
This is example 2 of my weakness for clearance items. Here is a Marvel Megamorph a cool idea but not the coolest toy (I already have an iron man one I got last year which I had to get simply because it is Iron Man) this one here happened to be on clearance for 3.81 and I had a 3 dollar off survey coupon so I only had to pay .86 cents for a cool Captain America toy that I know is absolutely worth the money I spent on it ka-ching!
Let me just say how awesome Twaga (my best friend and parter in toy crime Kenny) is. Our mutual friend Ben was cleaning out his toys and gave this to Kenny who in turn decided he didn't have room for it and gave this beatiful Voltron Defender of the Universe to me. I previously only had the die cast yellow lion and was on a slow but sure quest to acquire the other four lions but now I have a complete one all in one swoop yippee. I love toys!

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