Saturday, July 7, 2007

And so it begins

I have been waiting for months for the new GI Joe Sigma 6 8" figures to come out with the Kung Fu Grip figures and I have had money in my pocket for months specifically to buy the 5 that I want and today Kenny (my forever brother in the search for toys) called me and he found this Gung Ho at a walmart and he picked it up for me. THe kung Fu grip is awesome and I love the character Gung Ho (he was one of my facorite 3 3/4 figures ). So like I said the next little while will be toy paccked and this is just one of the many Gi Joes I will be getting here this month.
Kenny also sold me this classics Starscream (for 5$ what a deal) and it is the same as the ramjet figure I got here a few weeks ago just starscream doesn't ahve the cone head and the wings are a little different. This figure is pretty darn cool.

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