Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fly Swiftwind fly!

Motuc this month was great as the sub gave us a great classic figure in Snout Spout heroic firefighter! You can read his bio below.

We also got a beast this month in Swiftwind who is She-ra's horse. This is an amazing toy even though it is the girliest toy I have ever owned.Read the bio below.

The only problem with Swiftwind is that the She-ra we already had couldn't spread her legs wide enough to sit on it so they made a new version of She-ra called Bubble Power She-ra that can sit on Swiftwind so I had to get this version. You can take off all the pink armor and she looks like normal She-ra which is what I did and then I sold my old She-ra. Next month we get our first vehicle in the Motuc line so I am very excited about that. Read the bio below.

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