Monday, June 18, 2007

Ralph Luke figure, Star Wars Transformer, and Classic Ramjet

Well I finally got my Ralph McQuarrie concept Luke Skylwalker figure from today and it is awesome and came with a protective case too. These figures are so cool and I can't wait for the Darth Vader concept figure.
I just had to have one of the toys from Toyfare's top ten list for this month (I usually already do) and so I got this Saesee Tiin jedi starfighter tranformer (robot mode not shown) I really like the jedi starfighters and this one with the hyperspace rign is cool and on the Toyfare top ten so I got it.
The Tranformers classics line took G1 characters and made them very close to classic G1 figures but slightly updated and I love all of the jet figures and so I picked up this Ramjet and it was completely worth it he is very very cool and poseable.

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