Thursday, June 7, 2007

Now the Star Wars Collection Pics

Well after yesterdays post and saying that when I get ambitious enough I would take pics of my currect SW figures it was like a challenge to myself and so I just went for it and took pictures. So these are pictures of all of my carded and other SW figures in their packages. This first picture is all of my figures that are in protective cases that includes the vintage style figures that come with the cases and then other figures that were exclusives that came with the cases and then figures that I like or mean something in particular to me and so I want to protect them.
Here we have figures on non standard cards or larger boxes like the death star briefing set, princess Leia collection, Max Rebo Band sets, comic two packs etc.
Here we have the few 30th anniversary figures I have so far, the fans choice figures 1-5, then there is all of my saga collection, original trilogy collection, power of the Jedi, and then the blue cards which includes Episode 2 figures and figures that were released between Episodes 2 and 3 and then some exlusives like Kabe and Muftak, the preview Mace Windu and Oola and Salacious (one of my all time favorite sets).
Then here we have all the rest of the single carded figures which includes the orange cards of the first release back in 1995, the purple carded Shadows of the Empire figures, all of my power of the force (which includes commtech chip figures and flashback figures) and all of my Phantom Menace figures so you can see here right around 300 packages of figures (not individual figures which is double the amount from the picture in the previous post from 3 years ago)
I also purchased today so new Robot Heroes you have Ultra Magnus and Megatron here I had to get a Megatron to go along with my Optimus and Ultra Magnus just looks really cool.

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