Monday, February 25, 2008

The Force Unleashed

So there is a game coming out pretty soon that is called Star Wars the Force Unleashed in which Darth Vader takes on a secret apprentice (you have already seen the lego set I got baed on this game) well here are the first figures for that. First we have a battle damaged Darth Vader with armor pieces that are removable. I had to get this one to add to my DV collection.
Next we have one of the Emperors Shadow Guards. This is a kick butt figure since I love Royal Guards and this one has a cool lightsaber stick thingy.
Next we have Maris Brood who was Shaak Ti's apprentice but she is seperated from her on Felucia and falls to the dark side so I had to get this one to add to me my jedi shelf.
Then we have Rahm Kota who is a jedi who was disaffected with the way the clone wars was going and so he left the order and thus avoided order 66. I had to get him too for my jedi shelf. There will a book released that lays out the whole game and I will get that and read it obviously and better understand these characters. I am glad though for some figures to open cause that always makes me happy.

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