Saturday, February 9, 2008

Back to the Future again!

Well my birthday presents keep coming (and will for a while longer since Breanne's family won't celebrate me and Breann'e birthday until next week) Breanne ordered me the BTTF 2 minimates so this is the 4 pk with disguised Marty, alternate 1985 Biff, Future Doc Brown and Future Marty with a hoverboard. AWESOME!
Then this is the PX Exclusive 2 pk for this wave and it is 50s Marty and George.

Well Clearance time is still going on and so like I said when I got my first figure from this Marvel Legends wave (Doctor Doom) I got more of the Fantastic Four wave. Here we have invisible Woman and I had a figure of her from a box set from a couple of years ago and she didn't anywhere near as good as this figure does.
Then I also got Mr Fantastic and the great thing here is that he actually has long bendable arms, whereas the figure I got in the box set a while ago was tall stretchy or anything other than a normal figure, lame. This figure is great! (not to mention cheap!)
Then I really liked the look of this figure and since this wave is on clearance and I almost have them all now here we have Namor.

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