Thursday, February 28, 2008

Iron Mania!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh super duper happy day! So I go to TRU today and what to my wondering eyes should appear but the new Iron Man figures! These weren't supposed to come out for a few more weeks so this was a welcome surprise. Here we have the Mark I the original suit and the one with which I have a picture of me witht he actual movie suit from SDCC last year. This one is awesome.
Then we have my favorite looking one of the bunch the MarkII. Although his legs are a little loose so he doesn't stand up as good as he should this is a sweet looking IM I love this guy.
Next we have the movie's villain Iron Monger and this monstrous figure is ready to smash IM. What great toys I can't wait for more when the movie does well (that is right I have predicted the fugure and this movie will do good enough to warrant many sequels)
Then there is the Mark III which I have decided since he has the same accessories as the MarkII and sine I got the 12" figure of the Mark II a bit ago I will leave this one in its package. The package looks great although that top left corner is fairly easy to damage so I am glad this one survived the day and travel home. Oh man I love Iron man figures of any form and these are just an inkling of how excited I am to see this movie!


pete. said...

Those toys look really cool. I can't wait for the film to open.

The Dahle's said...

So I got Connor a Mark III. He loves it thanks for letting me know these were out!!!