Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Comic-Con!!!!!! The New Stuff.

Here I am at the Mattel booth not touching the Power Sword.

This is a new statue coming from Gentle Giant that although I normally think these statues are cool I rearely think that I just have to have them (the only one I own is th Roron Corrob that Breanne got me for father's day two years ago) but when I saw this one I new that I have to get it when it comes out for two reasons: first it has a great looking slave Leia which is like every geek boys fantasy, and second
it has a great Salaciousc Crumb with it and we don't get much of him anywhere.
Here is an upcoming Lego set of the Tantive IV the Rebel Blockade Runner or Corellian Cruiser from the beginning of A New Hope. They did this ship before but it wasn't meant for minifigures and now this one is and so it will definitley be one to add to my collection!
here is a cool huge Super Hero Squad Iron Man that was on display at the Hasbro booth.
They had a charity customizing contest for Mighty Muggs and this was by far my favorite. It is Admiral Ackbar in a bowl of hiw own cereal! You can't repel flavor of this magnitutde!
Here is some of the upcoming MOTU Classics figures. In February next year we get Battle Cat and man does this toy look amazing I can't wait for this one!
Up front here is Wun-dar who is the 2010 subscription exclusive so I will be getting him as I have subscribed. Then you have this new Mighty Mugg type toys that don't have any specific release date but they have MOTU characters there like Webstoe, Merman, and Orko and they look cool enough to maybe buy a few.
Here we have Princess Adora, Trapjaw with two versions including his pre Trap Jaw self, Mossman, and a Battle Armor He-Man.
Then we have a new version of Zodak, Scareglow, King Randor, and the Green Goddess. This line continues to be an amazing toy line and I am more excited than ever about it!

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