Saturday, June 7, 2008

Do the Dew

First a good example of patience. This is My First Batmobile which is pretty big and holds my Playskool Batman in it. It has sounds and fires missiles andhas wings that pop out. This is normally 30$. I found it last week at Target on clearance for 15$ and thought that was a screaming deal but I told myself that since they had a few that I could wait and if they still had more when it got marked down again I would get it and voila, we went back a few days ago and it was only 8$ Booyah! I love finindg great things on clearance and Mara loved racing it around when we got home.
So if you have seen the movie Transoformers then you will remember that at the end a Mountain Dew vending machine transforms into a robot and Dispensor was born! It would be great if they made an actual toy of this but for now I will live with just the Robot Heroes version of him. If you know me then you know that I LOVE Mountain Dew so a crossover of toys with my favorite drink is great.
Just to illustrate my love of the Dew here in my toy room there are these bottle pinned to the roof of several different flavors. My favorite being Live Wire which is only available in Salt Lake County (so I get some every time we go up there). You also have Game Fuel, Code Red, and regular Dew here. I wish they still made Pitch Black cause that was good and Taco Bell has a Baja Blast flavor that is awesome.
Then this week I was told by a coworker that there were new flavors so I quickly went out to the store and got the three new flavors. There is Revolution, Voltage, and Shockwave. These are flavors that you can go to and vote on which one you like best and keep it around. I love Mountain Dew I wish it had calcium like milk and was good for you so I could drink it all day every day and never feel any adverse effects!

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