Friday, June 27, 2008

I thought I'd lost you boy.

So I was so excited when I saw pictures of this third wave of Indiana Jones figures from the Last Crusade movie. Here we have the best so far of the Indy figures and one of the best action figures EVER (since I don't have any other Sean Connery figures) Henry Jones! Complete with his grail diary, brief case, and umbrella and just such a cool figure I LOVE IT!
Then we have Young Indy in his Scout uniform very cool.
And how could I pass up the Grail Knight and all of his can't even heft my swordedness.
Then here we have the Cairo swordsman who is actually from the first wave and I bought him because if you buy six of thesxe 3 3/4 inch figures you can send away for an exclusive crystal skeleton figure with a throne. This here makes five so I still need to buy one more so I can send away I just haven't decided which other figure I want this figure looks cool but he is just part of one of the best Indy scenes of them all.

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