Friday, June 27, 2008

Autobots roll out!

So I go in to TRU today totally thinking that all I would do would be to buy a sixth Indy figure but lo and behold there was a bunch of new stuff! First they had the first wave of Marvel Transformers and so I snagged the only one I care about and here he is in Jet mode.
and here he is in Iron Man mode! This is a good quality easy to transform toy I love it! This is much much better than the megamorphs they made last year.
Here we have the next wave of G1 Robot Heroes. This is Hound and Blitzwing.
Here is Sunstreaker and Galvatron. I love these little guys and know they have a few more planned to come out but I hope they keep making these G1 ones for a good long time cause they are awesome.

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